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How do I Customise Navigation?

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I tried to find this in the docs, but no luck, more than happy to RTM if someone has the link.

On the black menu, top right, there is Help, with Sub Menus of:
Help with this page
File a bug

I want to change where these either point to, or want to be able to leverage the link they point to; for example

Help with this page : Where do I put my own docs so they will be used ?

File a bug: I want this to point to my Jira

Tutorials : I want this to point to a wiki or sharepoint or ?


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You are messing with what Splunk provides as a product so as obvious you cannot modify it with configuration.


Though if you are a JavaScript hero and you can modify anything on the web page. But I don't recommend this and I also don't know the legal aspect of it.

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Thanks - thats what I found so far as well...

I have raised it in ideas.splunk.com, to see if it can happen in the future.

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This will add a menu to my current application, what I am looking to do is use the menu (in the black bar) at the Splunk level, as seen from the attached screen shot


Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 11.05.25 am.png

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Never change a file in the default folder. Always copy that file to the same file path, but in a folder called local, otherwise if the app is updated, you will lose changes in default. Based on the comments form @PradReddy , if you edit 


make sure you save that file to



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Hi bdunstan,

To modify the app bar for your custom app, edit its navigation definition file, default.xml. You must refresh Splunk Web before you can see your changes.

1) In your text editor, open $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/appname/default/data/ui/nav/default.xml.
2) Make your changes to the XML, then save the file. 
3) To view changes, navigate to http://<host>:<mport>/debug/refresh, click Refresh to refresh Splunk Web, then navigate to your app in the web browser.

Code for your requirements

<collection label="Help">
<a href="link">Tutorials</a>
<a href="link">Help with this page</a>
<a href="link">File a bug</a>


An upvote would be appreciated and Accept Solution if it helps!

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Hi @PradReddy ,

Sorry for not replying to this, I have been out...

This will change the menu at the application level, I am looking to change it at the Splunk level - where the `black` bar is (not the grey bar).

Therefore, anyone know if there is a way to add/change the menus at the Splunk level.

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