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How can I disable authentication for a collection of KVstore

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I need that a python script can make a request to a specific collection of the KVstore. The problem is that the python script cannot generate the token to authenticate against the KVstore.

I'm looking for a solution, I'm thinking in disable the authentication only for this collection or generates a token that never expires to use in every request. If is it possible how can I do this?

I don't know if there're more possibilities.



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Almost anything that you can do with a KV Store, you can do through SPL in a search. You can run a Splunk search remotely through various means but most people don't know that you can run a Splunk search directly on the search head like this (security vulnerability acknowledged):

$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk search "Your SPL to do KV Store stuff here" -auth <user>:<PW>
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Hi @adri9valle ,
It is not possible to disable the authentication as KVstore requires it. To generate the authentication token you need to configure commands.conf file and enable the fields of enableheader and passauth to true.
please go through the below link for more details:-

hope it helps!!

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Hi @MoniM ,

The problem is that I'm trying to create a new data input script to execute each hour, this script needs access to the KVstore but I don't know how can authenticate against the KVstore from a python script.

How can I get the credentials to make the request from the script automatically?


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