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Edit legend from Choropleth map chart

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Hey guys,

I'm building a Choropleth map chart and I would like to edit the legend values range.

The data that is being inputted on this chart is as this:
{"A" : "1",
"B" : "3",
"C" : "5"}

As you can see in the image below, the legend values doesn't make any sense:
alt text

What I would like to have, is a legend where the values vary as:
Red: 1 to 2
Yellow: 2 to 4
Green: 4 to 5

Close to what I got here below, but with different values:
alt text

Can someone please help?

Thanks a lot (:

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You may take a look here: https://answers.splunk.com/answers/313032/how-to-apply-colors-of-a-choropleth-map-on-a-field.html
Based on the answer of @TarlKudrick and the information in the other post, I could get the choropleth map display a legend of 9 custom ranges using the colors I wanted for each range.

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I can answer part of your question, because I just solved it for a different context. Let's say "count" is the variable you're mapping. You can use the case command (through eval) to group your "count" into categories and give them any names you want.


| eval count=case(count<3, "Red: 1 to 2", (count<=3 AND count<5), "Yellow: 3 to 4", count>=5, "Green: 5 to 6")

I recognize you originally said you wanted "1-2", "2-4" and "4-5" as your ranges, but I would suggest not having the same number be the top of one range and the bottom of the next.

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