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Drilldown options only include link to url

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New to splunk (on cloud). I have a pie chart and am trying to create a drill down that will set a token. But the only option I see is "Link to URL".  As per the documentation https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/SplunkCloud/latest/Viz/DrilldownIntro I should be seeing 4 options. Any idea?

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You may not have access to them  copy and paste xml to another app where you have access

like search and report or your team app

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From what I can tell, you are using the new Dashboard Studio as your dashboard.  You will have to use the Classic Dashboards for more options.  The documentation you are linking references the otions available in Classic Dashboards, unfortunately.  (Link for creating dashboards and specifying the Classic vs Studio) 

For documentation around Dashboard Studio click here.

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@ragedsparrow Does that mean we cannot have the drill-down options like we had in Classic dashboard ?

if yes... can you help me understand how it can be done ?

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