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Controlling format of chart tooltips


We have a number of charts that show statistics about Servers over time. When you hover over a data point in the chart, a "tooltip" is displayed that shows the time value for the cell, the data value for the cell, and the Server name (standard Splunk behavior). The problem is that the Server names are very long, so as part of the standard Splunk behavior the name is abbreviated by putting ellipses in the middle of the Server name. In our case the leading parts of the Server name are the significant characters, so we're really like the ellipses at the end of the displayed name. We've already made this change in the advanced XML to control the Server names displayed in the legend, but have not found a way to control this in the tooltips. Any hints on how to do this, or other options to address our issue (e.g. widening the tooltip box) will be greatly appreciated.

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Check overflowMode in the latest viz manual. Looks like you can apply it to legends if using JSChart.


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Not sure if you ever found an answer to this but the default tool tips in version 4.3 are so much better. Worth upgrading for that alone!

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