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This Week's Community Digest - Splunk Community Happenings [08.30.22]

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Community Manager

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Upcoming User Group Events! 👏

We've got a mix of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events coming up for you to join! Check 'em out:

Upcoming User Group Events:

  • Helsinki, Finland Splunk User Group (Hybrid) August 31 [RSVP] See the event page for details.
  • Vienna, Austria Splunk User Group (Hybrid) September 1 [RSVP] See the event page for details.
  • Toronto, Canada Splunk User Group (Virtual) September 8 [RSVP] Please join us for the September meeting of the Splunk Toronto User Group to learn all about the new features and changes that were introduced with the launch of Splunk 9.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada Splunk User Group (Virtual) September 13 [RSVP] Check out the first Las Vegas Splunk user group meeting! If we get some attendance we will go around and virtually introduce each other and talk about the future of the group. See the event page for more details.
  • Perth, Western Australia Splunk User Group (In-person) September 14 [RSVP] Flight Club combines the wizardry of electronics, video, and dart tracking combined with the traditional game of darts. What more could you ask for? Never tried it? Come along! Done it before? Still come along! Don't want to play? Come along and eat - on us! See the event page for more details.
  • Nebraska 402 Splunk User Group (Hybrid) September 14 [RSVPWhy use CIM? Learn about Data Models, Data Model Acceleration, and how this applies to the Splunk CIM and other apps like ES and ITSI.
  • Applicants - Splunk User Group Leaders (Virtual) September 15 [RSVPHow to Start or Lead a Splunk User Group. In this session, formerly known as "Splunk User Group Leader Training," you will learn what it takes to be a Splunk User Group leader, along with the next steps in creating a Splunk User Group or joining an existing leadership team. This course is mandatory for anyone who intends to lead a Splunk User Group. See the event page for more details.
  • Tokyo, Japan Splunk User Group (In-person) September 16 [RSVP] Japan is hosting a Splunk meetup! More than 100 participants are planning to join and build awareness to further energize the Splunk Community. In this installment, there will be three main topics: conveying the announcements from .conf22 to Japanese members, explaining the arrival of Splunk Observability Cloud in the Tokyo region, and our "Ask the Splunker" program. This is about solving problems on-the-fly for participants and members can also help each other with future planned uses of Splunk. More meetups are to come, which will include case studies of companies implementing Splunk.

Search the full list of User Groups to find meetups in all locations!


ICYMI - New from the Community Blog & Product News & Announcements 🆕

Check out the most recent posts from the Community Blog:

  • Everything you Wanted to Know About Sending Logs to Splunk (With the new OpenTelemetry Collector) Curious about OpenTelemetry but more interested in logs than APM tracing or metrics? Look no further! This blog post will walk you through your first OpenTelemetry Logging pipeline...
  • Splunk Launches a new and Improved Training & Certification Experience! Want a clear path forward to getting started with Splunk training and feel empowered by better self-service to discover the educational courses that best fit your needs? Visit the new Splunk Training and Certification experience on our newly designed main page here!
  • Splunk Forwarders and Forced Time Based Load Balancing Splunk customers use universal forwarders to collect and send data to Splunk. A universal forwarder can send data to multiple Splunk receivers (indexers). Distribution of data enables linear scaling and provides better search time performance. This distribution of data is accomplished via the built-in load balancing functionality in the universal forwarder. This article is devoted to the auto load-balancing, its manual override in certain situations, and associated considerations.
  • What’s new on Splunk Lantern in August This month’s Splunk Lantern update gives you the low-down on all of the articles we’ve published over the past month across Security, Observability, our new Use Case Explorers, and more. We’ve also got some updates on fresh Lantern functionality that you might find helpful to know. Read on to see what’s new!

See what's new on the Splunk Product News & Announcements Blog:


Latest Tech Talk 🛠

Tech Talk: Platform Edition 
Tuesday, August 30 | 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET
In June we announced Splunk 9.0 which has a lot of new features and innovations. In this Tech Talk, we will walk you through the new Splunk 9.0 / Splunk Cloud Platform features. These new enhancements help you with end-to-end visibility, rapid investigation and action, and more extensibility. How can you take advantage of these new features? We will show you how to upgrade to Splunk 9.0 and how to upgrade to Splunk Cloud Platform to take advantage of all the new features.

You can peruse the latest Tech Talks for Platform, Security, and DevOps here!

— Michelle Schlachta, Community + Content at Splunk

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