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Splunkbase | Year in Review: 2022!

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

It's never too late to reflect on a stellar year of progress, and 2022 proved to be another exciting year for Splunkbase and our app ecosystem! Customers and developers alike are excited to participate in our growing ecosystem, and we continue to find ways to better support them.

And what better way to showcase our app ecosystem than with data? The data shared in the infographic below spans a few teams at Splunk related to our apps and the ecosystem of customers and developers. Products and services that Splunk provides to our ecosystem is a critical component of what makes a successful platform. The ecosystem is comprised of a few products and services that you've probably heard of! 

  1. Splunkbase: the marketplace to find and distribute apps.
  2. AppInspect: the tool used to ensure known issues are caught during the app submission process.
  3. Developer Success: a team of app subject matter experts dedicated to ensuring apps are built to quality standards. 
  4. documentation and resources for our developer community. 
  5. Splunk Cloud Developer Edition: a product used to provide developers a cloud stack for testing. 

So why are we sharing these metrics with you? We think it's important to share the state of our app ecosystem, so that you, Splunkers, can have confidence in knowing that there is an army of passionate customers and developers out there getting value from our extensible platform.

Building a platform with real network effects is HARD. It takes a lot of sustained dedication to foster a platform worth being a part of. From product teams building new features to field teams advocating for app adoption, it takes all of us to ensure customers are getting more and more value from Splunk via apps. Check it out:

Splunkbase Infographic 103.png

We look forward to keeping this tradition of sharing some key metrics with you all every year! Let us know what info you'd like to see in the future! 

— Dan Hosoka, Splunkbase Principal Product Manager

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