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Why is year data incorrect using Airport App?

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Hi, I just started using this app today, and the data I receive when I search "sourcetype=airport" has the year 2013 for one airport and 2012 for another. I notice in the actual syslog data there isn't even year mentioned so is it being generated elsewhere?. Any thoughts on where I go to fix this?

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Hi jjpeet,

this is probably because of the missing year in the airport syslog output.
Splunk uses the following precedence rules to assign timestamps to events:

  1. Splunk looks for a time or date in the event itself using an explicit TIME_FORMAT, if provided. You configure the TIME_FORMAT attribute in props.conf.
  2. If no TIME_FORMAT was configured for the data, Splunk Enterprise attempts to automatically identify a time or date in the event itself. It uses the source type of the event (which includes TIME_FORMAT information) to try to find the timestamp.
  3. If an event doesn't have a time or date, Splunk Enterprise uses the timestamp from the most recent previous event of the same source.
  4. If no events in a source have a date, Splunk Enterprise tries to find one in the source name or file name. (This requires that the events have a time, even though they don't have a date.)
  5. For file sources, if no date can be identified in the file name, Splunk Enterprise uses the file's modification time.
  6. As a last resort, Splunk Enterprise sets the timestamp to the current system time when indexing each event.

Now what you can do, read about How to Configure time stamp recognition and adapt props.conf to your needs.

hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS

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