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Why am I getting the following warning when trying to use Drilldowns in Maps+: "This custom visualization might not support drilldown behavior."

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After deploying Maps+, I'm able to do a lot of things, with the exception of drilldown.
I have enabled it in the Format Visualization settings, as per documentation, and I've filled the Edit drilldown form, but when I double click on a marker, all I get is a zoom in (or, sometimes, nothing at all). I've also tried to convert the panel to HTML, and tweaked around it, but the drilldown does not trigger.
One strange thing is that, in the Edit drilldown form, I get this warning:

This custom visualization might not support drilldown behavior.

Then I save the panel, and nothing happens on the double click.

Any suggestion?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi @pbrutti - The viz definitely supports drilldown, including the drilldown editor. You need to add any extra fields you wish to use as drilldown fields into the final | table command. The field names cannot collide with any fields the viz expects. See the docs on GitHub for more details.

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