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VMware performance collection without Splunk for VMware App

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I am interested in collecting performance metrics from my VCSA but cannot pay for the Splunk App for VMware.
Is there a way tom simply collect using Splunk Add ON/ Splunk OVA etc and send to my indexer as raw data?
I will create my own dashboards using this raw data.

I am not sure which component I install where.
I have a standalone searchhead/indexer

Deployed a Splunk OVA
Went to splunk_ova_ip:8000 then to splunk add on app
configured a single DCN
There is a section on that page to configure a vcenter server.
I tried configuring one here but not sure what the VC Splunk Forwarder is.
I tired the URI of this OVA but that doesnt work.

What do I need to install on my searchead/indexer?
How do I instruct the DCN to start collecting data?
How do I tell it to send to my indexer?

Thanks in advance.

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