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Updated the Splunk Supporting Add-on for Active Directory to 2.16 and password no longer being stored

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Hi All,
I have recently updated the Splunk Supporting Add-on for Active Directory to version 2.16 and after doing so, I'm no longer seeing the password stored for each connection on the configuration page. This is problematic when it comes to using the 'Test Connection' functionality as it fails without the password in there. What's odd though is that the password is definitely being updated and stored in the passwords.conf file under SA-ldapsearch/local as I'm able to manually run the | ldaptestconnection command and get back results in addition to running | ldapsearch queries. I'm also able to see the base 64 encoded password in the password.conf file. Has anyone else encountered this and do we know if there is a fix available?

I'm running this add-on on top of Splunk Enterprise version 6.5.1 and I've made sure that the other distributions of this add-on in our environment are all upgraded to the newest version in addition to running on a version of Splunk 6.5.x or higher. Additionally, I've completely removed the Add-On and re-installed the new version and then tried to manually update everything but I keep running into the same issue. I thought that it may be due to the deprecated password setting under local\ldap.conf so I tried to include password = BINDDN_PASSWORD but again, no go and the same problem. Any other ideas or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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