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Unable to save SA-ldapsearch configuration despite of the connection status being successful.


I have configured the setting for SA-ldapsearch (with ssl disabled) and tested the connection successfully. However, I am unable to save the config.

Nothing happens when I click on Save. I have tried this on various browsers but still doesnt save. When I refresh the page, it shows the same settings with ssl enabled.

I have also tried to save through the ldap.conf file in local directory of the add-on.

Is there a workaround for this ?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

In the configuration page of the SA-ldapsearch, when we click on "save" button it actually saves the correct configurations in the sa-ldapsearch/local/ldap.conf file. (if you have kept ssl disabled in the configuration page and then clicked on save then it would set ssl = 0 in the ldap.conf)

Its just that page doesn't render/refresh on the UI so it seems the configurations aren't getting saved.

It is a bug that on the UI that it always shows SSL enabled irrespective of what we have actually set in the configurations. We are already aware of this issue and it would be fixed in the upcoming release.



Exact same problem, I'm not sure if this happened for the original asker as well, but when I reload the page the same settings are there (as happened with the asker) except the password is blank. Did everything save, including my password? Is there a way to check? I couldn't find any conf file in the etc/apps/SA-ldapsearch directory that referred to a password or a password hash

Also you mentioned "upcoming release" - just an FYI this is happening to me in 7.2

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