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Twilio SMS Alerting - Error: Module six was already imported


I've configured alert with "Twilio SMS Alerts" action. The alerts are triggered but there are some twilio errors and SMS messages are not sent. The error message is:

ERROR sendmodalert - action=twilio STDERR -  /opt/splunk/etc/apps/twilio_alert/bin/pytz-2015.4-py2.7.egg/pytz/ UserWarning: Module six was already imported from /opt/splunk/lib/python2.7/site-packages/six.pyc, but /opt/splunk/etc/apps/twilio_alert/bin/six-1.9.0-py2.7.egg is being added to sys.path

and final error message:

ERROR sendmodalert - action=twilio - Execution of alert action script failed

Does anybody have an idea how could I resolve this issue?

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You should contact the app developer for support.

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