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Sys-Health-Check Dashboard not populating


Looks like Network Overview, NetworkHealth + drilldowns, Link States, and Network Search are all populating correctly.

The Dashboard Panels under Sys-Health-Check are blank, with No Results.
External Table (TCAM) Counters, etc.

These are driven by the search (or similar):

index=extnet | rex "SysName:\s+(?<sysName>.*)\s+SysLocation" | rex "System\sMAC:\s+(?<sysMAC>\w{2}:\w{2}:\w{2}:\w{2}:\w{2}:\w{2})" | rex max_match=0 "(?<timeStamp>\d+/\d+/\d+\s+\d+:\d+:\d+\.\d+)\s+\<Warn:HAL\.Sys\.HCExtTbl\>\s+Slot-(?<slotNum>\w):\s+Sys-Health-Check:\sExternal\sTable" | fillnull value="Not Available" sysName | fillnull value="Not Available" sysMAC  | search slotNum=* | eval combiField=mvzip(timeStamp,slotNum) | mvexpand combiField | rex field=combiField "(?<time>.*),(?<slot>.*)" | convert mktime(time) AS time | where time>relative_time(now(),"-25y") |  dedup sysName,slot,time | stats count by sysName,sysMAC,slot | rename sysName AS "SysName" sysMAC AS "MAC Address" slot AS "Slot" count AS "Count"

Is there anything I need to do on the Collector config to get these events?

e.g. configure tech-support add collector [hostname | ip_address] tcp-port <port#> {ssl [on | off]}

Or has the syntax changed?
I noticed that:


Doesn't return anything.

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