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Splunk Support Add-on for Active Directory: Why am I unable to save configuration?


Add-on: Splunk Support Add-on for Active Directory (v214)

I am new to Splunk, so thought it would be good to configure this first to get some info about our AD (Active Directory). Installed the add-on (once via the web, and another time via zip file) and got to the configuration screen, where I tested my config successfully, but it wouldn't allow me to save the config.

I have looked around and people have suggested installing it as an upgrade via zip file, I did that and it didn't work. I've tried putting the AD account password plain text in the ldap.conf file as recommended elsewhere - but it has made no difference.

I may be being a bit of an amateur but this has got me stumped.

I am currently using the 'default' profile, but from what I've read this shouldn't made a difference.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi, I believe there may be a bug in the UI implementation in that the button doesn't appear to do anything, but behind the scenes in the .conf files, changes are in fact made.
I got this info from Splunk PS so I haven't seen this with my own eyes.
I would suggest logging this with Splunk Support.

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You are correct... The save button does nothing, but I checked actual file that it was wrote to and the encryption for the password did indeed change. I'm on 8.0.3, that UI bug should be fixed...

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Having the same problem here, except I can't even test the connection. None of the buttons (Save, Test connection, or the "+" and "-") seem to do anything, regardless of what browser I use.

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