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Splunk Security Essentials: Why is my team unable access the use cases that are available out of the box?



We explored the Splunk Security Essentials app and the use cases that are available out of the box. Our Team is trying to access the below but not able to even though they have access. Could you please have a look.

Following are the use cases that we need to configure and allow to view:


1) Source IPs Communicating with Far More Hosts Than Normal
2) Sources Sending Many DNS Requests
3) Sources Sending a High Volume of DNS Traffic


1) Significant Increase in Interactively Logged on Users
2) New Local Admin Account
3) Short Lived Admin Accounts


1) Hosts with Varied and Future timestamps

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Apologies for the delay on this -- apparently I'm not getting notifications about answers anymore..

I'm not sure why you would not be able to access the use cases, and I've never heard reports of this issue before. Can you share an error message, or a screenshot? Have you tried an alternative browser?

Again, sorry for the delay!

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