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Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure - LDAPSearch performance


I have been testing the Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure. Awesome.

My one disappointment in the app is it's performance in very large Active Directory environments. Specifically, performance of queries about User, Group or Computer state sourced from SA-ldapsearch. LDAPsearch reports are unusably slow taking minutes to render. An equivalent search using the Microsoft-based interfaces to AD (dsa.msc) takes less than a second to render identical results.

Are there any performance tuning options or development activities for SA-LDAPSearch?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

bumping this post again, I'm seeing the same problem.
we have 14,828 users in our domain and my search scopes to 3 attributes.: cn,sAMAccountName,lockoutTime

version = 2.1.0,  34.526 seconds
version = 1.1.12, 13.46 seconds.

are there any settings we can change in 2.1.0 to reduce this down?


thanks for sharing per-version performance metrics.

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Has there been any resolution to this problem? I used to love the LDAP interface, but since version 2 the performance is terrible.

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Path Finder

Using ldapsearch 2.1.0 it is really useless because of the very long search times. Is there more thought on how to reduce the search times?

This is my ldap.conf

alternatedomain = SPL1
basedn = DC=PRK,DC=LOCAL
binddn = CN=SyyyyySA,OU=Service Accounts,OU=Special User Objects,DC=PRK,DC=LOCAL
port = 636
server = yyy.yy.y.yy
ssl = 1

alternatedomain = SPL

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