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Splunk Add on for F5 BIG IP doesn't separate sourcetypes


Hello everyone, 

I am working right now to collect logs from F5 BIG-IP. I have a distributed Splunk Infrastructure: Heavy Forwarder, Indexer & Search Head. I installed the Splunk Add-on for F5 BIG-IP in the Search Head and Heavy Forwarer instances as recommended in Splunk documentation here: 

Then, i discovered that Splunk Add-on for F5 BIG-IP is not separating sourcetypes as expected !!! 

Also, maybe the last version of the Add-on for F5 BIG-IP (4.0.1) doesn't work with the version 16.0.0 of my F5 firewall. I read that somewhere ... But i am not sure about it! 

Anyone have an idea please? Or, when the Add-On will be updated to support it. 

PS : I'am working with Splunk Entreprise v8.0.4

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