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Splunk Add-On Builder: Is there any documentation or information about the helper functions?


I'm working with the Splunk Add-On Builder and am interested in learning more about some of the helper functions that are provided; namely, helper.save_check_point.

This helper method is referred to in the "example data collection logic" code provided in the Add-On Builder wizard:

checkpoint related helper functions

save checkpoint

helper.save_check_point(key, state)

delete checkpoint


get checkpoint

state = helper.get_check_point(key)

...but I can't find documentation anywhere about what these methods do, or what their inputs/outputs are. The key parameter in this example does not seem to be declared earlier in the example code, so I lack context to guess what this is doing.

There are additional helper methods referred to in example code of which I'm additionally interested in learning usage details, like:
and so on.

I've tried searching through Splunk Docs, on google, etc. and find only the example code. Can someone point me in the direction of documentation/API reference for the Splunk Add-On Builder, specifically the helper module? Or can anyone provide some information about these helper functions?

Many thanks in advance.

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They have been released. Hope they help you as much as they have helped me 😉

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Path Finder

They have been released. Hope they help you as much as they have helped me 😉

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Currently, there is no doc about the helper function yet. But for the ckpt related functions.
the parameter key is a string which is the unique key for the state object. the state is a python dict which stores the states of your program.

You can think the ckpt as a simple key-value store. the value is a python dict and the key is a string.

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