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Sending AWS data from heavy forwarder to indexer


Our splunk environment consists of a Universal Forwarder, Heavy forwarder and Indexer.

We are importing our AWS cloudtrail data from an S3 bucket using SQS via the AWS Add on. I have configured this on the HF which has created a config entry under {SplunkApp}/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_aws/local/inputs.conf

aws_account = MY-EC2-ROLE
aws_iam_role = Splunk
index = aws_fwd
interval = 300
s3_file_decoder = CloudTrail
sourcetype =
sqs_batch_size = 100
sqs_queue_region = eu-west-2
sqs_queue_url = https://account/queuename
disabled = 0

When you create an input type it requires an index to send the data (here it's aws_fwd). However I want to send this on to the indexer in a seperate index. How can I specify this so the data goes from AWS into the HF and then onto the indexer? The HF > Indexer output is configured on port 9997 - any help would be great.

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If you are trying to route data to multiple sets of indexer you want using the routing and filtering options of the HF.

Here is the the Splunk Doc - Route and filter data

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