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Phantom license page- What is the difference between Phantom License Information and Splunk License Information?

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Hi guys,


In the license page for the Splunk Phantom , What is the difference between the "PHANTOM LICENSE INFORMATION" & "SPLUNK LICENSE INFORMATION". I assume the  "SPLUNK LICENSE INFORMATION" is about the amount of data that we can fetch from Splunk Enterprise and and ingest into the  Splunk Phantom.

Am I correct?

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From what I understand:

The Phantom one is your license for the Phantom itself.

The Splunk one is for the included Splunk Enterprise install. You can find it at $PHANTOM_HOME/splunk/

From the documentation:

If Splunk SOAR (On-premises) is installed as a stand-alone product, it includes a version of Splunk Enterprise as the internal search engine. You can also configure Splunk SOAR (On-premises) to use an external Splunk instance for searching. A Splunk SOAR (On-premises) cluster also requires an external Splunk Enterprise instance.

You can find more here 



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