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Notice: Sophos Central App for Splunk is retiring...

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Thank You For Using "Sophos Central App for Splunk"
Notice: This app should be considered depricated

Thank you for using this Splunk App, I hope you have found it useful and I thank the many of you who have offered words of thanks and contributed improvments and bug fixes.

In late 2017 I changed jobs which meant I no longer had access to a Sophos Central subcription which made updating and helping users a bit more challenging. Where possible I had tried to incorporate changes, but this was not always easy.


From 1st August Sophos have released thier own supported TA and Application, and this should be the recommended approach for all existing Sophos users.
You can find the new Sophos Supported Versions here:
TA Sophos Add-on for Splunk
APP Sophos App for Splunk

Thanks once again. Happy Splunking!

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