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JMX not working in Distributed Enviornment

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Hi Damien,

Here is my scenario,
After following below URL, i have pushed UF data from deployment server.... which is successfully pushed and installed.
Pushed index files on indexer .. i can see jmx DB on indexers..
Pushed UI bits on Search Head through deployer. i.e.(Its a Search Head Cluster) and can see the app installed on search heads.

Now, first of all my JMX servers are Windows based. Hence converted to jmx.exe and kept under BIN. Also splunk UF is configured on JMX server itself, hence config.xml host value is the localhost. and with specific port number too.. which i am able to connect through jconsole.

my inputs.conf files is as follows,

config_file = config.xml
polling_frequency = 60
sourcetype = jmx
disabled = 0
interval = 30
index = jmx

can you share, where is defined so i can replace it with jmx.exe. ? it doesn't exist in inputs.conf
I am not able to see any logs yet. On search head..

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i found installing python easier than replacing UF with heavy forwarder.. (lengthy process)
Now i have python installed 2.7.11 version.. and still no luck ..
java run time already exist..
Don't see any logs coming in under log folder nor in splunkd too.

the only entry i see in UF splunkd is successful push from deployment server.

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Install a Heavy Forwarder rather than a Universal Forwarder.

Heavy Forwarders come with their own embedded python interpreter.

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Hence converted to jmx.exe and kept under BIN

Wow , you are very, very confused. Why on earth would you do this ?

SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/SPLUNK4JMX/bin/ is a python wrapper script that fires the modular input.

So you need to install a python runtime on your server if you are deploying on a Universal Forwarder.
You also need a Java runtime installed.

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i cannot have python installed on windows box.. thats the limitation .. hence had to take the other route of converting into exe..

java run time - ticked.. i already have that..

Now, what you recommend.?

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