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Is 3D Graph Network Topology Visualization v1.1.0 missing the sample CSVs?

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The app's example visualizations aren't working and when I investigated the I found that the two CSVs that they reference as inputlookups (bitcoin_transactions.csv and firewall_traffic.csv) aren't present in the app's lookups directory.

I have MLTK v5.1.0 and Python for Scientific Computing v2.0.0 installed in a deployment running Enterprise 7.3.4

Are these two lookups provided by another app that I need to install or have they been simply been accidentally left out during packaging? Or something else ...

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Hi,there are two file CSVs that they reference as inputlookups (bitcoin_transactions.csv and firewall_traffic.csv) in dataset splunk .and so you can see , inputlookup bitcoin_transaction.csv in search machin learning app or in splunk machin learning toolkit doc. for 3D Graph Network Topology ,you should do steps follow:
- go to setting in app search and clik lookups.
-now make a new lookup
-refresh app 3D Graph Network
finishd .
happy splunking.

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Thank you.

I ended up going in to Settings > Lookups > Lookup table files and found the two CSVs (bitcoin_transactions.csv and firewall_traffic.csv) within the Splunk_ML_Toolkit app. I then changed their Share status from "App" to "Global".

The other issue was that I had installed version 5.1.0 of the MLTK on a system running Splunk Enterprise 7.3.4 and it turns out that they're not compatible (MLTK 5+ requires Splunk 😎 - so I had to downgrade MLTK to 4.5.0 and the Python for Scientific Computing app from 2.0.0 down to 1.4.

But the visualization's description on SplunkBase says that it requires version 2.0 of the Python for Scientific Computing app so it looks like the visualization is only compatible with Splunk 8+ even though the page says that it's compatible with "8.0, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0".

I think that I'll just have to park the visualization until we upgrade to 8.

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