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I have installed my own datacollector in respect with the documentation for the VMWare app ver 3.1. I am not using the OVA file.

And Im getting a lot of these:
WARNING [HydraGatekeeper] gateway failed challenge validation and will be restarted

And hydra is not doing anything.

In the setup screen, I have entered the credentials for the user on vcenter, and that gets a green icon, showing that my credentials aer OK.

I have another installation of the vmware app where I use the OVA file without any problems.

There is no firewall enabled on my server.
Any hints ?

Thank you

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After a lot of debugging in vain ... I rebooted the entire server.

And then it worked !

I have no clue why. If anyone can elaborate, please do so, maybe others will come in the same situation.

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