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Fix Python Compatibility issues with Eventgen?



I have installed a Eventgen App from Splunk base to our Heavy forwarder. The following are the details

SA-EVENTGEN Version :- 7.2.1

Splunk Version :- 8.1.1

After installation. I am seeing the follow error messages related to the eventgen


 ERROR ExecProcessor - message from "/cs/splunk/forwarder/bin/python3.7 /cs/splunk/forwarder/etc/apps/SA-Eventgen/bin/" SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'. Did you mean print('\n\nCaught kill, exiting...')?

ERROR ExecProcessor - message from "/cs/splunk/forwarder/bin/python3.7 /cs/splunk/forwarder/etc/apps/SA-Eventgen/bin/"   

ERROR ExecProcessor - message from "/cs/splunk/forwarder/bin/python3.7 /cs/splunk/forwarder/etc/apps/SA-Eventgen/bin/"     print '\n\nCaught kill, exiting...'

ERROR ExecProcessor - message from "/cs/splunk/forwarder/bin/python3.7 /cs/splunk/forwarder/etc/apps/SA-Eventgen/bin/"   File "/cs/splunk/forwarder/etc/apps/SA-Eventgen/bin/", line 113


Does anyone face the similar issue with SA-Eventgen? Looks like the Python version in Eventgen is no compatible or having some issues. 

Any idea on how to troubleshoot or resolve these issues?

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