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Entity stays Active even when the OS is powered off

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I am preparing a single instance deployment for a small size client, they have some Windows 2012 clients.

In my lab I have Splunk 8.0.5 and SAI 2.1.0 build 20.

I added a Win2012 VM for test using the powershell script.
Then I shut it down and after rolling back the snapshot, I changed hostname and IP, and I installed the UF again using the script.

Now, after 30 min, while the VMs are off (even the images are removed), still in SAI it shows they are active, and anytime I refresh, the "Last time data collected" is being updated to Now!

I expected it shows me the Entities are Inactive!
Also I tried to delete the nodes from Action, after deletion, they appear when I refresh again!

Please advise.

Thank you.

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