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DATA Configuration for Splunk Add-on for NetApp Data ONTAP


Hello everyone,

We have already data from NetApp in our Splunk.

Netapp filter ---> rsyslog - forward directly to splunk via tcp ---> Splunk

2 weeks ago I have installed the Splunk Add-on for NetApp Data ONTAP.

Since then I try to add data in this add-on but without success.

I have followed this docs and stuck on Step 2:

I don't know what should I fill in "Splunk Forwarder URI"

It should be the Forwarder IP but how can I find out which port?

And which further settings I need to set?

I hope you can help me.








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Path Finder

To use the Splunk Add On for NetApp Data ONTAP,  you need a Data Collection Node running the SA-Hydra framework. Traditionally you would install that on a dedicated Heavy Forwarder, or use the VMware DCN,

The current documentation is somewhat confusing, as it seems that the NetApp Addon is being disentangled from the old VMware addon infrastructure - I have not yet fully understood what has happened in the latest release (but I'm about to find out, since we're planning for an update).

Depending on the size your NetApp installation, this will collect a lot of data from the NetApp performance APIs.


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