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App for McAfee/SkyHigh Web Gateway (MWG/SWG/SSE) Issues?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

We are having an issue with App for McAfee/SkyHigh Web Gateway (MWG/SWG/SSE) config. We are getting truncated logs and duplicates ranging from 2 to 30. This has been an ongoing issue and would love to resolve. 


Any thoughts on here? 

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Hello @fmcgheeSplunk 

truncated logs can by caused by the UDP transport but most common on indexer. Have you installed an add-on also on indexer to apply magic 6 settings for the ingestion? 

Duplicate proxy log is a common issue for high rate log inputs, when the same url requested by the same user multiple times per second, to confirm it you can add millisecond resolution to the timestamp.

Is it cloud or on premise proxy? How you transfer logs from proxy to splunk, using syslog or UF? Have you run through this onboarding checklist: 

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