alert_actions.conf suddenly appears at SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/[appname]/local/

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Hi Fellow Splunkers,

I have an issue with triggered alerts failing to send email with authentication error (I use smtp). I found out that alert_actions.conf was mysteriously created under SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/[appname]/local/ with below stanza:

auth_password = encrypted value

This value takes precedence over system/local/alert_actions.conf and is the main reason why emails are not getting sent. These issues only come in my custom apps, search app is working as it should.

This is a splunk cluster with 3 search heads, this issue is seen in every search head and local/alert_actions.conf is always automatically created even after I deleted them. Note that I always push changes from master node, so I can't explain why is there a file in my custom apps under /local/ directories.

Any input would be appreciated, thank you!

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