Splunk started complaining "Script execution failed for external search command 'runshellscript'." after 9.0.0 upgrade

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I just upgraded splunk to 9.0.0 and realized the log ~/var/log/splunk/splunkd.log started to get populated with messages like

06-14-2022 16:41:00.924 +0300 ERROR script [2047436 SchedulerThread] - Script execution failed for external search command 'runshellscript'.

06-14-2022 16:41:00.906 +0300 WARN SearchScheduler [2047436 SchedulerThread] - addRequiredFields: SearchProcessorException is ignored, sid=AlertActionsRequredFields_1655214060.1451, error=Error in 'script': Script execution failed for external search command 'runshellscript'.

The above comes to the logs regardless of whether the alert has been fired or not, and we rely quite heavily on running external scripts to make external systems aware of problems.

I thought, now all our script bindings to alerts are broken and we must do a rollback. However, I tested and the scripts were executed nicely. My question is, what has changed here, if anything? I would like to get rid of those messages cluttering the logs in vain. An the other things is, if something else really has changes, what should I do to make splunk happy about the scripts in alerts? I am looking for something else than "Please write a Python script to do the job."

Any clues?

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haven't seen this or cannot try it by myself now.

Can you share any of your alert scripts (heavily modified/dropped), just to see it's parameters etc.?

With quickly search I found two thing which you could check.

SPL-146802Distributed environment requires index defined on search head for log event alerts


Maybe one of those can lead to this situation?

r. Ismo

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