How to schedule a alert for every 15 days

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How do we schedule an alert to run every 15 days. Please confirm. I need a cron to run the report every 15 days. Please share the cron format. In one of your forums, I could see
00 06 1-7,15-21 * 1
This would run every second week on Monday at 06:00 am.

Could you please explain this format. what does 1-7,15-21 mean.

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The 00 06 means 6:00 AM. the first 00 meaning minutes and the second 06 meaning hour.

The 1-7,15-21 are the days of the month. So every month the 1st through the 7th and the 15th to the 21st.
The * after means Any month
The 1 at the end is the day of the week. 1 means Monday. So only on Mondays.

So 6:00 AM on every Monday that falls on the 1st-7th or 15th-21st of every month.

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If you want a schedule search to run for instance at midnight every 15 days, you can use the following syntax:

00 00 */15 * *

If you want it to run exactly on the 1st and 15th day of the month:

00 00 1,15 * *

Hope that helps.


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this explains it better than i do:,15-21_*_1
hope it helps

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