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Ranks, Badges, and Karma


At Splunk, we are all about the FUN! As a community member, you'll experience that fun in many ways, but most noticeably through Ranks, Badges, and Karma.


Ranks are our way of recognizing and rewarding our community members for their contributions to the Splunk Community. Several factors contribute to achieving a specific rank, including:

  • Length of membership in the community
  • View count for posts, replies, content, etc.
  • Comment count
  • Solutions accepted
  • ... aaaaand a few other "secret sauce" things 😉

The full list of Ranks you can achieve, ordered from lower to higher, currently include:

Blue -- A Rank earned by being a New Member! 
Green -- Ranks earned by being avid readers and learners! 
Purple -- Ranks earned by engaging, commenting, and providing solutions!
Pink -- Ranks earned by being the most engaged & contributing solution providers!

  • New Member
  • Observer
  • Loves-to-Learn
  • Loves-to-Learn Lots
  • Loves-to-Learn Everything
  • Engager
  • Explorer
  • Path Finder
  • Communicator
  • Contributor
  • Builder
  • Motivator
  • Influencer
  • Champion
  • Super Champion
  • Ultra Champion
  • Legend
  • Esteemed Legend
  • Revered Legend
  • Hero of Legend

Note on the "Employee" Rank: This rank is reserved for current Splunk employees only. And Splunk employees will not progress in the rank ladder like our community members will. (Sorry, Splunkers! Ranking up is just one of our many customer- and user-only perks!)


Badges (Splunk branded!) are another fun perk that helps visualize your achievements for various engagements and contributions in our community. The more you engage, the more badges you'll automatically receive. You can see many of the available badges on your community user profile page.

There are also a few "special badges" that we'll award from time-to-time, so be on the lookout for those!


We're keeping our Karma points... but with a few important changes to the Karma points system. Karma is tied to upvote activity: 1 upvote = 1 karma. And we've done away with down-voting. Let's keep it positive and appreciative! 😀

If you earned Karma on a legacy community site or platform (like our former Splunk Answers site) those come with you here, and you should see them already on your profile. 


Check out our FAQ, or just reach out! 

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