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Navigating the Community

Community Manager
Community Manager

Our community is organized into a few programs and sections, many of which are part of this site's experience, and a few that will direct you to our other sites and resources. 

Getting Started

Here you'll find some helpful and important resources and messages regarding our community (like this post!). There is a place for Announcements, some Welcome messages, and even a place to Introduce yourself to the broader community. Lastly, we've included a place to send us some feedback on the community programs and experiences. 

Splunk Answers

This is our product questions-and-answer program - a place to ask questions, get answers, and find technical solutions, for any product in the Splunk portfolio, from passionate members of our community. Splunk Answers is organized into a series of categories and boards, and topics are further organized with Labels and Tags (see below). 


Here you can start a discussion, join a conversation, build your career, or just have fun! There are areas and boards for things like Security, IT Operations, DevOps, our Splunk Tech Talks, and even a casual #Random board.

User Groups

We have a robust Splunk User Group program, with more than 130 user groups worldwide! This link will take you to our User Group site, where you can find and join your local group and see which in-person and virtual events are coming up.


We recognize our most engaged, most passionate, and most contributing community members with a special MVP program we call the SplunkTrust. Here, you'll find a little more information about the program and its members. 

Splunk Ideas

This is our online forum for any member to submit feedback and innovative ideas for any of Splunk's products. Similar to User Groups, we've made a special site and experience unique to this program. So this link will take you over to our Splunk Ideas site.


"Labels" versus "Tags" on Topics and Posts

As you explore different areas of the community, you'll notice that posts can have "Labels," "Tags," or both.

"Labels" are our way of helping better organize, categorize, and classify content... and these are almost always required for new posts. These help our entire community share common language to describe content. When you click on a Label within a category or board, you'll see all posts within that board marked with that Label. (Labels do not "reach across" the entire site; they are area-specific.)

"Tags" are a freeform way to describe what your topic or post is about. We don't define these for you, so you can use ones created by other members, or make your own. When you click on a Tag, you'll see all posts across the entire site marked with that Tag. (Tags DO "reach across" the entire site.)


More Questions?

Check out our FAQ or just reach out!

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