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Where to log in to see (and download) my Splunk certifications?

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Looking to download a copy of my Splunk Architect certification from Splunk, but I can't find where I log in to see it.

If I log into my Splunk account at, and go to My Account, I don't see anything listed for certifications.

If I log into my Splunk Education account at, I can see the classes I've completed, but not my certificates.

Lastly, I no longer have access to the partner portal (, which previously I could see things there. I used to work for a partner company, but no longer do.

Any ideas?

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Option # 1 Go this URL if you have already logged in:

Option # 2 Else paste this URL in your address bar and then login with your Splunk credentials:


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Old post, but still relevant and we all face this issue often. hence this reply. 
So, to get Splunk Partner benefits, at times, we may need to register with our company email id. and when we will leave that project/company, we will face troubles for accessing our certifications. 

Last time when i faced this situation, i sent email to splunk and they resolved pretty fast. 

The mail id, as per is:
>>> For questions about the certification program or paths email 

Thanks and best wishes for your splunk certifications journey!

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Below url can help you to get the proof of certification and also download option is available to download the certificate.


These links don't work now. They are giving 404 error.
404 Error: Page not found.

Kindly advise.

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"Your login attempt using single sign-on with an identity provider certificate has failed. Please contact your administrator for more information."

Seems I don't have a Splunk Salesforce account to SSO with.

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