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Splunk Certification cost in India and best splunk training institute in india?

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Can we directly attend splunk certification exam by self study?

what is the certification cost for below splunk certifications in India?

Splunk certified Architect
Splunk certified Admin

what are pre prerequisites for appearing splunk certified architect exam?do we need to do any prior certification for appearing the same?

Also can someone please suggest best splunk training institutes in India?

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Splunk Employee

Both certifications can be achieved by attending virtual classes offered by Splunk Education and an online test for the Administrator Certification. The Architect certification requires a practical exam that you can also participate in remotely / virtually.

Here is a link to the Administrator Certification classes and requirements:

Architect Certification classes and requirements:

Note that the Knowledge Manager certification is a prerequisite to Administrator Certification:

You do not need to "repeat" any of the classes in the certification paths once you've taken and passed them.

For pricing and scheduling questions, you can contact

Hope this helps!

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Thanks guies .Can I directly appear to certification exam by self study?


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You must take the courses directly from Splunk. The good news is that the courses all have a virtual classroom offering. You can find a virtual course in a time zone that fits your schedule, and sign up for that course. But you MUST take the courses from Splunk and you must pass each course. The Splunk courses are prerequisites to sitting for the Splunk certification exams. Each certification has its own set of courses that must be taken from Splunk. Currently there is no "self-study then take the exam" path to Splunk certification.

I can recommend a very good book for learning Splunk. "Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook" offers many recipes for creating Splunk queries that will help you understand Splunk and help you along to becoming an expert.

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