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Splunk Architecture Exam: Are points deducted if unnecessary log files are removed from the directory containing the XML file for the exam?

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Question regarding log files that are required for indexes created in the architecture exam. If you we need to index data from the example.xml file and their many other *.log files not need for the required index.

Would there be points deducted from the exam grade if the unnecessary *.logs removed from the directory containing the example.xml file required for the exam?

Thanks, Paul

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For all such questions, ask yourself: "Would this be an okay thing to do on a customer site if you were a consultant?"

If the answer is "of course I would do that without consulting the customer" - then go for it.
Otherwise it is a bad idea.

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I am not from Splunk Education Team so hard to answer but i think its a pass or fail lab.
I am pretty sure that if that was the only thing you missed, you will receive a passing grade.
With that said, please do not reveal items from the exam. it is appropriate to address these questions to your lab instructor
here is the info i was able to find on the exam from Splunk Education
hope it helps

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