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I am currently studying to sit the Core User and Power User Certifications.

At the end of the study modules, you can sit the quiz but you are never told what you got wrong at the end of the quiz. It's so extremely unhelpful because the only way I can figure out what I got wrong is change my answer to one question at a time and enter submit to see if I got a better percentage. I don't think this is an effective way to be able to re-study what I got wrong and move my way through these modules.

I have had people far senior to me, at work, sit these quizzes with me and FAIL THEM. Which gives me so much less confidence about sitting the actual exams. Why are some of these questions set up to be so confusing in the way they ask the question - absolutely pointless. 

I love splunk and I think it's incredible ... but learning it is very difficult, especially with these materials.

For some context, I am a graduate in cyber security dealing with Splunk on a daily basis. I am learning more being in a client's environment than from these materials. Surely I am not the first one to say this. 

When can we see better quiz modules and the ability to see what we got wrong?








Are any admins out here to help me with this please? @splunk 

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Thank you for your feedback. The course quizzes are not designed to inform your performance as relates to the certification exams—they're merely a quick knowledge check on what was just presented before moving on to new content.

We understand it may be frustrating to have to click through multiple times to discover the correct answer (I have had similar experience in LinkedIn learning content!).

Please note that the certification exams do provide a feedback report for candidates who are unsuccessful in their exam attempt, highlighting areas which need improvement.

For other exam prep questions, please refer to the Certification Exams Study Guide.


This is super frustrating when these quizzes are a requirement for access to splunk at work. I'm sure my workplace doesn't appreciate how inefficient this learning process of guesswork and repeating the quizzes over and over again.

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