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How to prepare for Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certification?


Can anyone help me with the resources to prepare for Admin Certification Exam?

Or if someone can share how he/she prepared without taking the Splunk Recommended Courses.

The recommended - Data and System Administration courses are way too costly for me.

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Hi @utkarsh__,

sorry but if you didn't followed the requested courses you cannot access the Certification exam, you will be blocked before, training is a business!

anyway, the only thing to do to pass examps is to read again and study the slides fo the followed courses, also because the questions will be on all the requested courses.



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Thankyou for the reply @gcusello .

But for the Admin Certification, the courses are "recommended" only and not the "prerequisite". So I think I should be able to access the exam without the courses.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Yes—you are correct. The courses are not required, as candidates with many years of experience as Splunk Administrators are likely to be successful based on lived experience and culminated knowledge in-practice.

Candidates are required to pass the Core Power User exam to gain access to the Enterprise Admin.

Check out the Exam Study Guide for some sample questions and a link to the test blueprint, which details what to expect in terms of exam content.

Good luck!

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