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Splunk Employee

Hello from Splunk Training + Certification!

We’re so happy to be part of Splunk Community. Before you search through previous conversations looking for assistance, we want to provide you with some basic information and quick resources. We will update this post as needed to keep it as up-to-date (and useful) as possible.

First and foremost, the Splunk Education Student Handbook and Splunk Certification Candidate Handbook are great resources with all the details regarding our training and certification programs.

Looking for exam information? Check out our Exam Registration Tutorial, Certification Exams Study Guide, and Exam Duration overview.

Curious about recertification? We've just posted a comprehensive Splunk Recertification Policy to answer all your questions.

See here for Pearson VUE support and here for Credly digital badging support.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS (updated April 2021)

As you all know, Splunk Community is a fantastic resource for crowd-sourced tips, tricks, and information. Our friends at SplunkTrust (among other awesome community members) are amazing experts on our products and programs. There will be times, however, when our teams (Splunk EDU Ops or Splunk Certification) respond to your question with a request to open a case by emailing our team alias ( or If/when this happens, it’s because your question may involve 1:1 support that wouldn’t necessarily apply to other folks or because it may involve personal identifying information (like your username, employer, or Splunk ID)—not because we don’t want to participate in the community atmosphere.

We are so excited to join Splunk Community. 

Talk to you soon!

Your friends at Splunk Training + Certification

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