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Invalid key in stanza


Hello there,

I had an "Invalid key in stanza" in the version of 1.0.14 of the App:

Invalid key in stanza [victorops] in /opt/splunk/etc/apps/victorops_app/default/alert_actions.conf, line 13: param.record_id (value: ).
Invalid key in stanza [victorops] in /opt/splunk/etc/apps/victorops_app/default/alert_actions.conf, line 22: param._cam (value: {
"category": ["Information Conveyance"],
"task": ["create"],
"subject": ["splunk.event"],
"technology": [{"vendor": "Victorops", "product": "API", "version": "20131114"}],
"supports_adhoc": true

So I added the following lines to $SPLUNK_HOME/victorops_app/README/alert_actions.conf.spec:

param.record_id = Record ID.
param._cam = Cam.

I have raised a support case to notify devs but it still present in version 1.0.18 so I thought I might as well post here.

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