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Can Your Dashboards Tell a Story? The new Splunk Dashboards (Beta)

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

View our Tech Talks on the new Dashboards App and learn how this beta combines the best of both Simple XML and Classic Glass Tables, as well as cutting edge new visualization and editing capabilities. 

  • Learn how to tell an effective story with the latest Splunk dashboarding capabilities 
  • Engage in a live demonstration of the new dashboards in action
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Splunk Employee

Hey everyone! We had some great questions during this Tech Talk in April. 

Recapping for all!

Q: Will the source xml be the same? with base searches and tokens?
A: The source will be JSON-formatted instead of XML-formatted, but base searches are supported as well as tokenization.
Q: Can elements be layered and grouped?
A: Elements can be layered; the action menu with the "hamburger" style bar controls layering, which we'll briefly show soon. Elements can also be grouped, with some grouped functionality available (e.g. grouped alignment).
Q: I wish those lines could be bendable like glass tables used to (and more then just arrow) independently control the arrow size too
A: Thanks for the feedback! You're correct that bendable lines and arrow head size control are not yet supported. We'll work towards this as the beta progresses. Feel free to add this to Splunk Ideas, or email dashboards-beta@splunk.com  
Q: Is Grouping of Shapes (for example Circle) and Text Boxes (For example G) allowed or in roadmap? A Group move and Clone would be easier and neat as too many items are drawn on the canvas.
A: Grouped movement is currently supported in the beta. You should be able to cmd click any of the elements and move them together!
Follow up Q: Thanks, I meant once a group of elements stacked together are finalized lock them as Single Group.
A: Thanks for the clarification. Yes, we have heard this feedback a few times, to permanently group and lock items together; this is a roadmap item for us. Great feedback!
Q: Its interesting that the Triangle that is listed isn't there (but create that polygon option) this can be quite helpful to quickly build things that aren't a square/circle
A: Yes, a fair point! The Triangle shape is on the roadmap; general polygon support is something we can look into in the future. Feel free to post this in Splunk Ideas or email dashboards-beta@splunk.com so we can officially track this.
Q: Source mode is hard to keep going back/forth because you cant go back to what your at . (it'll be nice to see snip...snip from the ds...snip...viz in a view on what you clicked to edit/go to
A: Thanks for the feedback. This is a very interesting topic to us - essentially, a "window" into the source stanza for the applicable visualization. Happy to continue the discussion at dashboards-beta@splunk.com
Q: How are things like different screen sizes (eg 1024x768 vs 2560x1080) and orientation (landscape vs portrait) handled with respect to the layout?
A: The beta allows for absolute pixel perfect canvas sizes, or relative sizes (e.g. fit to screen). It'll fit to the screen horizontally rather than vertically. This allows you to fully customize the layout you'd like on your dashboard. A longer dashboard vertically will support scrolling!
Q: It would be nice to pass $click.value$ so a thing clicked to map to other $token$ to independently change
A: Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately at this time, we have limited event handler support; however, this is very high priority on our tokens roadmap, as we of course understand how critical some of these on-click OOB tokens are. We'll be starting with basic input-to-visualization token enhancements (already partially supported) and continue from there.
Q: Will it look the same as it is shown on the browser if i were to pdf it?
A: Is your question about whether PDF export will maintain the look and feel? If so; right now, the beta does not support PDF or PNG export. However, this feature will be coming very soon, and when it does, the export will look the same as how the dashboard looks in the browser.
Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

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