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time range picker in Splunk 6.1.3 build 220630

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Hi, I´m trying to get the Time range picker to work in a test dashboards and in some cases it does work but not when I choose a manuel time under the Date & Time Range section.

Each element in the dashboard had already the predefined earliest/latest time from the original search that was saved to the dashboard in the first place, I guess they I need to change those.

The dashboard automatically added this when I added the TimePicker from the GUI:

  <label />
    <latestTime />

any ides what I need to change to make it work?

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Time range picker is global if token is not defined.
Global time range picker is overridden by specific searches having declared time frames, either in xml or in the search string.
Being that you said all of your searches have those declared and the default is to include a token from the add input, It is an unused variable at the moment.

edit: I have the time range picker working in a global capacity by deleting the token="token" property and deleting any earilestTime and latestTime properties under and in a given search.
edit2: Below is for using the token.


This got it working!

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