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spath outputs wrong percentage for fields in inner jsons

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It look like spath calculates its percentage based on the number of available events instead on the number of occurrences of the checked value. For example if I have the next event (did not include the metadata):

{"test": [{"t": 1}, {"t": 2}, {"t": 2}]}

spath will say that the interesting field test{}.t consists of 2 values and that the value 2 appears in 200% of events (value 1 appears in 100%). This is a very confusing, why not check it against the number of the occurrences of test{}.t (Perhaps there is a way to do it and I missed it).

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| makeresults 
| eval _raw="{\"test\": [{\"t\": 1}, {\"t\": 2}, {\"t\": 2}]}"
| spath
| stats count by test{}.t

HI, @electronicsplunk
How about this?

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