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show only infected with vulnerability on 1 machine

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I am a newbie in splunk

I have this one use case I am trying. search for a machine that have malware infection AND it has a vulnerability. anyone can give me pointers the best search to do it?

(sourcetype="vulnscan" severity=critical) OR sourcetype="avscan" | table av_threatname severity hostname | eval infectedandvulnerable=coalesce(av_threatname,severity)

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You have to use two searches and join the results of them.

Assuming your individual sourcetypes have the hostname field in common (you have to have one common field in both searches, otherwise you will have to evalthem to be identical) you may use this search:

 sourcetype=vulnscan severity=critical | table hostname | join hostname [search sourcetype=avscan] 

For more info on the join command, check => http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/SearchReference/Join

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