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server status on dashboard


Good day everyone


How can I visualize and edit this query to show the status of our servers, ONLINE/OFFLINE ?




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Hi @sphiwee,

you can see in Dashboard Examples (https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/1603/) in the "Table Icon Set (Rangemap)" dashboard how to display status using an icon instead a value.

In few words, you have to add to your app a css and a js (that you can find in Dashboard Examples) called by the dashboard


<form script="table_icons_rangemap.js" stylesheet="table_decorations.css">


then you have to assign an id at your table:


 <table id="table1">


At the end, you have to add to your search the rangemap command, something like this:


index=intau_workfusion host=*
| stats dc(ClusStatus) AS statuses BY host
| rangemap field=statuses severe=0-1 low=2-1000000000 default=severe
| table host range


In this way if statuses=0 or 1 you have a red icon and statuses>1 you have a green icon.

if you want to change the name of the range column, you have to modify also the table_icons_rangemap.js file.

Remember to restart Splunk after you added css and js to the app and reload the page at every change in the dashboard otherwise you don't see the icons.



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