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radial gauge for displaying latest heap memory usage


Hello, I have the following log


19:02:32.576 [hz.cache-server-2.HealthMonitor] INFO com.hazelcast.int.dia.HM - [X.X.X.X]:5701 [X.X.X.X] [3.11.1] processors=12, physical.memory.total=98.2G, physical.memory.free=12.0G, swap.space.total=0, swap.space.free=0, heap.memory.used=4.3G, heap.memory.free=901.8M, heap.memory.total=5.2G, heap.memory.max=5.2G, heap.memory.used/total=82.96%


And I am looking to extract the latest heap.memory.used/total value for the last 24 hours and display it in radial gauge


Currently I am using the following 

index=* "heap.memory.used/total" | rex "heap.memory.used/total=(?<Number>\d+)" | stats latest(Number) as current_cpu_usage
| gauge 0,20,40,60,80,100


I expected radial gauge to show the current mem usage i.e. 82.96%, but the speedo is stuttering at 0.


I wonder my extraction of the % field is incorrect.

Could someone assist me  here and also how would I display the mem usage percentage in the dial please?


Best Regards,

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