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"The system is approaching the maximum number of historical searches" - how to fix/hide it?

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Is there any way to hide that information from the top of splunk screen?
"The system is approaching the maximum number of historical searches
that can be run concurrently. current=47 maximum=54"

Will increasing limit in limits.conf affect on performance of Splunk?

I have CPU with 4 cores/8 threads and 24GB RAM.

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Ooh, now I see that this post was rather old. Hope you've solved the problem already.

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Well, changing the limits in limits.conf will change how Splunk will treat the search load. However, it will NOT magically upgrade the underlying hardware. So, while you may be able to tweak out some more performance by increasing limits, at some point it will actually get worse due to swapping etc etc.

I don't have any hard figures on how much you could possibly increase the limits, but there is nothing that will break permanently if you try to change it. Perhaps only some searches that will not be run on time (or at all). A restart after changing (and rolling back 🙂 is also required.



are all those real-time jobs?

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