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question relating to field extraction

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I have a problem with the field extraction. I am trying to extract out and name a field containing the data "--O--O--OO----" using IFX.

And it keep giving me the error called "The generated regex was unable to match all examples (e.g., , --O--O--O----). Consider entering different examples, or manually editing the regex."

Can someone please explain to me what happens and where did it goes wrong and how do i go about resolving this issue?

Thank you very much.

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Hi "the3nd4u",

Is it possible to include some of your eventdata, it is normally quite simple to pick out some regex, you just need to define some points around your chosen data. Also is this data ever changing in value (not format), and will it always retain the some location in the data?

You can also paste your results into the following site (RegExr)and craft a regex there. However more than happy to try and help.



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