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please help on how to achieve the below kind of lookup/rename for 100+ fields of my events

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My event log has comma separated field values of 100+ fields. Each field can have about 2-15 different values. Example if field10=3, I need to map to earth, field10=4, map to mars so on. If field11=4, map to blue, field11=5, map to red and so on. Please help with an example format of lookup csv and how to use it in the search bar so the searched events in the output show with the mapped values. thank you


my basic search gives
how to get output like

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Create 2 lookup tables . One for color (color.csv) and other for Planets (Planets.csv)

Planets.csv will have fields -fields1 , planet
color.csv will have fields - field2, color

base query
| lookup Planets.csv fields1
|lookup color.csv fields2
| table fields1,planet,fields2,color.

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Thank you, my issue is there are about 50 + useful fields out of 250 odd total fields, this means my lookup need to be 50 files. I think it is better to do just replace command in search for the value in fields?

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What's your basic search? Is your lookup table has headers?

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